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make more out of life.
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Giving you time to make more out of life.

We have been providing comprehensive umbrella payroll services for contractors and agency workers for over a decade.

Our diverse customer base includes IT professionals, project managers, business development executives, and entertainment specialists in the public and private sectors.

We’re here to make your contracting life easier.

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Why contractors choose us

Umbrella Contracts was built by contractors for contractors; contact us today to discuss the benefits available to you. We will happily provide an overview of our comprehensive services, including the advantages of our robust payroll platform, contract management provision, employee insurance coverage, our acclaimed pension scheme, your holiday entitlement, and much more. Let us demonstrate how your contracting lifestyle is at the heart of everything that we do. 



Why agencies choose us

Over the past few years, we have formed integral, trusted relationships with over 1,000 recruitment agencies. Our promise of a high-quality customer service is unwavering, and our agency support measures are industry-leading.

Contact us today to discuss the opportunity of working together to support your contractors.

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