Do Umbrella Company Certifications Carry Any Actual Assurance?

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube 6 Reasons to Question: Do Current Umbrella Certifications Carry Any Actual Assurance. In the relatively small world of UK umbrella companies, there exists a few certification bodies who, time-after-time will tell you that their assessment process is “industry leading and integral to the supply chain”. But, especially of late, there have […]

Why does your 2nd Payment in a New Tax Year often Look Different?

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube So, What’s going on with my 2nd payment? One annual event that we’d like to get ahead of is the 2nd payroll cycle of the new tax year. It’s common for your 2nd pay slip of the financial year to look a little different when compared to previous, but why? Well, it’s because […]

Maternity and Paternity Pay

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube How Does Maternity and Paternity Pay Work As An Umbrella Employee? Many agency workers are unsure as to what they are entitled to if they use an umbrella company. We want to make things clear so that you don’t miss out! In short, you are an employee of our company and […]

Moving away from a 5 day work week – The Pros and Cons

5 day work week

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube To work full-time has, for years, been synonymous with ‘8 hours a day, 5 days a week’. Many sources cite Henry Ford as the first to institute what we now consider to be the standard 5 day, 40 hour week in the 1930s. Before this, recreational time was considered to be […]

New Travel Processes and How They Might Affect You

Here at Umbrella Contracts, we’re proud to have a diverse base of customers (contractors), many of whom hold EU citizenship or are from even further afield. Recently the Government released new guidance about travel logistics with careful consideration to the difficulties that COVID still poses, and with preparatory advice enabling you to stay on the […]

In-Person Right-To-Work Checks to be Delayed in Favour of Digital

Gov’t decides to delay the return of in-person right-to-work (RTW) checks The recruitment industry has welcomed the news that the UK Government is to delay the return of in-person right-to-work (RTW) checks until September 1st at the earliest. The decision means the continuation of a more efficient, less logistically-challenging procedure that many are petitioning heavily […]

Why do Companies hire Contractors and Umbrella Employees?

If you’re considering getting into contracting it’s important to know your worth and to understand why a company may choose to engage you instead of taking on a permanent employee. There are a few distinct reasons that a business may choose contractors over “permies” – let’s use a very common industry in the contracting world […]

Confusing Terms Explained

What does it all mean? It can be confusing as a contractor starting out when you hear so many acronyms mentioned by both your agency and Umbrella Company. You may hear things such as IR35, WTR, AWR, and SDC along with terms such as ‘Opting Out’. You will also see it on documentation that you […]

How do I claim holidays?

How do I request holidays as an Umbrella Employee? As an employee of Umbrella Contracts you are entitled to annual holidays just like any other employee in the UK. Taking holidays while contracting via an umbrella company is a relatively simple process, but if you’re new to this way of working sometimes it can be […]

2021/22 Tax Changes

New Tax Changes The new tax year has begun, and necessary changes have been made by HMRC and the Government that will affect most people throughout the UK. These changes could see individuals gaining more in their monthly wages, but may also result in having to pay higher tax contributions. We’ve complied the brief snapshot […]