The EU transition: Our amended procedures

After 4 + years of negotiation, December 31st 2020 saw the UK leave the European Union. Plenty of businesses have had to adopt new practices, increase administrative efforts and review their operations in response to the departure – and we’re no different. It’s important to note that we have never actually traded with EU organizations […]

UK Government’s IR35 tool unable to determine employment status

Experts are urging businesses and contractors to scrutinize IR35 determination results produced by the Government’s CEST tool. In an attempt to streamline the introduction of their legislation amendments in the private sector, the Government produced its own, free-to-use, determination tool – CEST. Designed to help businesses conclude a contract’s status in relation to the new rules, […]

Is your end client’s approach to IR35 in your best interest?

It’s no secret that the vast majority of contractors do not want to work inside of IR35. The common conception (based on feedback and industry insight) is that contractors – for the most part, would like to continue to operate outside IR35 (if this is their current position). Being outside allows the individual to continue […]

Does Age Affect My Ability to Become a Contractor?

Remember when you were younger and people often asked, what do you want to be when you grow up? What was your response? Astronaut? Movie Star? Pro-Athlete? The kid from the chocolate advertisements? In hindsight, we all know that these lofty aspirations rarely materialize as reality – but it doesn’t mean we should stop dreaming […]

How Does Holiday Pay Work With An Umbrella Company?

As another national lockdown concludes the newly found freedom has yet again inspired the travel bug within many of us. Summer is traditionally the season in which contractors take a well-earned break – but there is much to be said for a last-minute Winter getaway also.  One of the more common questions we’re asked about […]

What is FinTech?

Why are the Government making a push for expansion in this sector? FinTech is a portmanteau of “Financial Technology.” It refers to the application of new technology advancements to products and services in the financial industry. The term is becoming more commonplace as the sector itself is growing rapidly, impacting both consumers and businesses.  FinTech […]