Key Information Document

As the new regulation came into effect on 6th April 2020, we are sending the Key Information Document (KID) template to all agencies that we work with. It must be the first document that is agreed between an employment business with any new work-seekers registering on or after 6 April 2020 – and before the […]

Can you do advance payments?

If you can send us an email from the payroll/accounts department as detailed below, this is then forwarded to our accounts manager for approval. This will be approved if funds are available as there is a limit (there may be a rare occasion when our advance book is at its limit and we are unable […]

How often do you make payments?

We process payments every day of the week, with multiple pay runs on a Friday. If funds are cleared in our account by 2.00pm Monday to Thursday and 3.00pm on a Friday, we do everything in our power to have the payment in the contractor’s account by close of business that day.

What is your sign up process?

Contractors: The contractor receives an on boarding call and has a dedicated consultant assigned for contact through this process. They are sent a link to our online portal to complete an online application and can upload their documents to this portal also; or email them to us if it is easier. Once our screening and […]

How do you deal with audit requests?

Following ICO guidelines on GDPR, we have included in our Privacy Policy details of the need to share information with an agency for audit requests as part of our contractual obligation. This is also mentioned to each contractor when they sign up with us. As soon as we receive a request from an agency for […]

How do we apply to work with Umbrella Contracts?

Just call us or click on the contact us form and one of our team will get back to you at a time convenient for you; we will send you a copy of our compliance pack if you request it, and are happy to complete your due diligence forms or questionnaires. We do have an […]

Setting up a new candidate

If we already have an agreement in place, we will need a copy of the assignment schedule or confirmation in an email detailing the candidate’s start and end dates and rate of pay along with a Key Information Document if the role started after 6th April 2020. If we have not worked with you before […]

What documents do you need?

We will require at least one proof of address and one proof of ID for our screening and vetting checks. Clear photographs or scanned copies can be accepted. Proof of ID – a clear colour image of your passport or driving license; if your passport is not from the UK we will also need to see […]

Signing up with Umbrella Contracts

What is your sign up process? After a brief introduction call from one of the team, you will be sent a link to our online portal to complete an application. Please have your details to hand such as NI number and bank details. Once everything has been checked, you will be asked to go back […]

Can I get a mortgage using an umbrella company?

We are not mortgage brokers nor advisors but we do know that it is not as easy for a contractor to obtain a mortgage as it is for someone in permanent employment. It is very common for a broker to ask to see anywhere from 3 to 12 months’ payslips along with your bank statements […]