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How to raise a timesheet on the portal

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Many agencies are self-billing, meaning that you just need to submit your timesheets to them and they pay us*. If your agency requires us to send them weekly or monthly invoices you will need to raise your time on our portal as well as submitting your time to them in accordance with the instructions they have given you.

*if you are not sure please contact us and we will be happy to help

Log onto the portal with your email address as username and the password that you set

  1. Click on Add Timesheet or Raise New Expense
  2. Raise New Timesheet
  3. Select the client (your agency name)
  1. Choose the week/month ending date
  2. Input the hours/days worked to Unit Total
    (If you need to input more than one line just Add Timesheet or Miscellaneous payments can be for referral fees or bonuses.)
  3. Preview Timesheet
    (Check that it is all correct otherwise you have the option to amend at this point.)
  4. Submit Timesheets

If you have expenses to raise these will need to go on a separate invoice, choose ‘Raise New Expense’ and input the details there. Please note that you do not need to use the £pound sign on this.

We will raise invoices and send them to your agency and you will also be emailed a copy.

You will be able to see when payment is processed on the same portal. When the status says ‘receipted’ this means funds have been allocated to your invoice and been processed.

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