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Signing up with Umbrella Contracts

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What is your sign up process?

  • After a brief introduction call from one of the team, you will be sent a link to our online portal to complete an application. Please have your details to hand such as NI number and bank details.
  • Once everything has been checked, you will be asked to go back onto your portal account and accept a contract of employment; this is done electronically by ticking boxes and you will receive a completed copy by email.
  • We will contact your agency/end client to facilitate setup and request that they send us details of your assignment and a Key Information Document. As soon as we receive these, we will check that the details are what you agreed with them and complete your setup on the system.
  • You will receive an email activation link to the payslips portal; this will come from Eezytime. Please activate this link and take a note of your username and password that you set for future reference so that you can access your payslips directly from this website moving forward.
  • Moving forward, you can use the timesheets portal to input your time worked when required and to monitor your payment status in real time.
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