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What time do you make payments?

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We make payments throughout the day. All payments are processed by the allocations team manually – they work their way through the bank transactions from where they left off the previous day in order and allocate funds received to your invoice. This is then exported for payroll to process.

We do multiple payments and the time that we process your payment is dependent upon when the funds clear in our account. This can vary from week to week, so all that we can guarantee is that funds will be in your account by close of business.  You may see your UCL payment in your account at different times each week.  When the agency pay us and funds leave their account it is beyond their control and ours as to when we actually receive the funds.

All that we can guarantee is that our salary payment will be in your account by close of business on the day that we receive the money.  If you check your timesheets portal you will be able to see as soon as we have allocated funds to your invoice; it will show as ‘receipted’.

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