How the National Insurance Contribution Increase may affect you post April 6th

So how much will I be paying in NIC?

We’ve all seen the line item National Insurance Contribution on our pay slips, it’s a deduction that is factored in automatically if you work on PAYE basis. And, whether it’s from coffee machine small-talk or national new outlets, we’ve all been made aware that there will be increases to NIC’s when the new tax year hits. The increases are set to go towards improvement in the health and social care sectors of the country and in April 2023 the NIC increase of 1.25% will be replaced by a new Health and Social Care Levy (the rates are proposed to revert to current levels at that point).

So how does this look to an umbrella employee? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Effective April 6th 2022 National Insurance Contributions will increase by 1.25%
  • Employer NIC’s will rise from 13.8% to 15.05%
  • Employee NIC’s will rise from 12% to 13.25%

So exactly how much more will you pay in NIC’s? We’ve added a brief example below.

Of course, it’s not a case of one model fits all, there are plenty of factors that may affect your personal deductions, but if you have any concerns or questions relating to the new rates please do not hesitate to contact us.

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