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We will get back to you with an illustration based on a standard 1250L tax code produced to provide a general guideline of the figure you could take home using our service. As a result, your net pay figure may differ once processed in our ‘live’ payroll system using more accurate details.


If you are aware of having a different tax code, any student loans or if you have another job, please let us know so that we can provide you with as accurate an illustration as possible.


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Please note all illustrations provided are based on the standard PAYE 1257L tax code (effective 6/4/21) applied to a National Minimum Wage salary plus commission. However, this is an estimation and live payments may be different in the event that the individual is assigned an alternative tax code.

Umbrella Contracts Ltd. is providing this illustration as a means of guidance ONLY and it is subject to change depending on your personal circumstances. Should the individual choose to pursue the estimated rates above they are requested to notify, for processing and full application

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